Did You Know?

The New Grand Staircase at Science Park is the Highlight of Phase 1 of the Master Facility Plan.

picture of the grand staircase at the entrance to Science Park

Designed to naturally attract students as a place to congregate, the new grand staircase at Science Park exceeded its expectations on its opening day after the Mid-Autumn break. Without prompts or suggestions from teachers, students gathered on the grand staircase as if they had been doing this forever. Its ergonomic and open green space allows students to gather with their friends under a natural skylight that provides continuous inspiration.

picture of students sitting on the grand staircase in Science Park
students eating lunch on the grand staircase in Science Park
picture of students sitting on the grand staircase in Science Park

The grand staircase is just one of the examples of AISG’s Master Facility Plan, which is designed with the future of learning in mind. Consisting of large, bright, open learning spaces, the plan is designed to promote collaborative and transparent learning. The new buildings are also sustainable, both in terms of green building design and flexible space that will allow them to evolve with the pedagogical changes that lie ahead.

picture of the grand entrance to Science Park

The construction has four phases that will take place over a period of several years. Upon returning from Mid-Autumn break, approximately one year after the Groundbreaking Ceremony, the grand opening of the Phase 1 completion took place. AISG now has a state-of-the-art upper Elementary School building (currently being used by Middle School and High School while their academic wing is being renovated during Phase 2), along with an already beloved grand staircase at its entrance that provides a warm welcome to its visitors.

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