Did You Know?

Did you know that part of the vision of AISG is to be a leader in providing compassionate learning for our students? You might be wondering what compassionate learning looks like at AISG.

white board with a bunch of sticky notes in the shape of a heart

A great example of compassionate learning is happening right now with the “Caught You Caring” initiative in the Elementary School. This is a campus wide activity that seeks to empower students to notice and praise others that are ‘caught caring' at AISG.

a caring note
a caring note for Reese
a caring note for a student

The whiteboard in the front of the school is full of notes by students that describe who they caught doing something caring for others. This is a great way to create empathy, to celebrate each other and to model the importance of taking action to help others. It is a life skill that contributes to our world becoming more empathetic and it is being actively nurtured at AISG!

a student adds a sticky note to the Caught You Caring whiteboard
a caring note for alila
a note from Zeya
a caring note for Katherine

Have you caught someone caring recently? If so, please take a moment and let them know that you noticed and appreciated their kindness!

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