Drone Club: AISG's High Fliers


Last week our innovative and region-leading AISG Drone Club had the opportunity to take a field trip to XAG Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading drone research and development manufacturers and smart agriculture solution providers. With laboratories and research stations in 20 different countries, XAG's headquarters are here in Guangzhou, just a few miles from our Science Park Campus.

Our drone students were able to see XAG's unmanned aerial systems in action, viewing live feeds from more than 250 drones operating and flying over farms in Northwestern China. Our Rams met and spoke with XAG CEO, Justin Gong, who shared his impressive vision of the future of farming: drones and robots helping China and the rest of the world in plant protection, crop monitoring, and farm management.

It was truly an inspiring, unforgettable, and eye-opening learning experience for our students as they saw how their passion for technology and drones are currently being used to shape the world's future. As XAG has successfully blazed a trail in smart and sustainable agriculture, our AISG Drone Club students continue to pave the way in the region by teaching and inspiring other schools to start their own student drone organizations.


AISG Drone Club Visits XAG Corporation in Guangzhou China

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