EASA Performance Arts Ensembles

Last week, faculty and students in Grade 4 and 5 enjoyed a morning of music brought to them by the orchestra, band, junior choir, and gala choir. The event was livestreamed for families to watch from home as well.

We are so fortunate and glad that we were able to hold the event last week. It was a wonderful culminating event for students to showcase their musical skills that some have been practicing all year and others who just learned their skill in the past few months.

The APAHM (Asia Pacific American Heritage Month) Gala Performance Choir dressed in their traditional clothing from their cultures to open the performance with three inspirational songs of unity and peace. They were directed by music teacher Ms. Gilbertson and accompanied on piano by a fellow student.

Our junior choir performed next, featuring performers from students in Grades 2 and Grades 3. Music teacher Mr. Thompson accompanied them on guitar as they sang traditional folk songs from different cultures.

The EASA (Elementary After School Activities) Beginning Band performed afterwards, and it was impressive to see how far they’ve come with their musical skills over the past few months! They performed some folk songs we all know and love.

The EASA Orchestra performed last, playing classical compositions by Bach and Bizet. For the last piece, the band and orchestra played together! It’s wonderful seeing how many different types of instruments our students have learned to play.

After the event, music teacher Ms. Gilberton said, “This concert would not be possible without all the parents who support these kids. They are amazing! You are amazing! Thank you so much for letting me help them grow. We had some truly happy moments today!”.

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