Last Friday, Grades 2-5 held their talent show during school. This year’s theme was Ershavision, a play on the popular Eurovision Song Contest. On stage, students showed off their numerous talents including singing, dancing, playing instruments, telling jokes, comedy skits, and short plays. In the audience, students cheered each other on and waved glowsticks in the air. Our TAs and teachers also showed off their talents of dance and performance!

Everyone had a great time watching our talented students show off onstage. A special thank you to teachers Fiona Bullard and Kerisse Lewis for all their hard work hosting and organizing the event!

children in orange shirts onstage posing
children in circus outfits onstage performing
girl in white dress doing the splits onstage
girls in sequined silver outfits doing a dance onstage
a girl and boy play guitar while a boy sings onstage
two boys dancing onstage
two girls in traditional outfits dancing
girls doing a chinese magic show
two boys talking into micrphones onstage
children waving glowsticks in a crowd
people on stage dancing in a row
people in masks perform onstage
people in costumes performing onstage
people on stage in costumes
two people hosting a show with a crowd
two women hold flowers


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