Grade 3-5 Concert

Last week, students from Grades 3 to 5 held their concert, with caregivers in attendance. The theme of the concert was Highlights of Our Music Year and students showed off their musical skills and collaboration they have been practicing throughout the year.

Their musical skills included playing recorders, xylophones, marimbas, bongos, and more. They also used their beautiful singing voices! There were displays of collaboration between students in different grades and classes, with different classes playing different parts of songs.

Caregivers also helped with making music! Students found ways of making the sounds of a thunderstorm with claps, snaps, and stomping, and caregivers joined in to help. Students had been learning about how sounds and music are all around us and it was a wonderful to convey what they’ve learned!

The Performing Arts program at AISG is robust and comprehensive. From Preschool to Grade 12, we provide students with experiences to develop curiosity, interest, enjoyment of their own creativity and an appreciation for the performances of others.Click here to learn more about AISG performing arts.

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