Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students for completing their studies in Elementary School! We celebrated this incredible achievement and their upcoming transition to Lower Secondary School with teachers, caregivers, staff, Grade 4 students, and siblings in attendance.  

Our Elementary Principal, Mrs. Virginia Udall, started off the ceremony with a passionate speech about our Grade 5 students and how their favorite songs exemplify what they've learned throughout the year, as well as their journey in Elementary.  

Grade 5 students all got up on stage to perform a song to celebrate the occasion, singing "Are You Proud of Me", by Mark Burrows. There were definitely a lot of emotions in the air!  

To present our students with their certificate, our Grade 5 teachers got up onstage and each gave a short speech about the amazing memories they've shared with our students over the year and how much they have enjoyed watching our students learn and grow. The pride on their faces was evident as they posed for pictures with their teachers and families. It was a moment of great accomplishment for the students, and they were congratulated by everyone present. 

Two of our Grade 5 students were presented with the Tim Lee Award, which is named in honor of one of our students who passed away in 2010. This award is given to students who exemplify our IB PYP learner profiles and goes above and beyond. Four students also got on stage to thank their teachers, TAs, caregivers, administration, and everyone else who helped them learn and grow into who they are today.  

With the implementation of the IB MYP next year, AISG will become an IB Continuum school. Our students will continue to be interdisciplinary learners as they take what they’ve learned throughout their time as IB PYP learners and continue to be lifelong learners.

Our Secondary Principal, Dr. Amos Lyso, also attended the event and gave a short speech to congratulate our students and to welcome them to Secondary next year. Completing Elementary School is a significant milestone in a student's life, and the Moving Up Ceremony was a fitting way to mark this achievement. The students were reminded of the skills and knowledge they had gained during their time at the school, and they were encouraged to continue to work hard and strive for excellence in their future endeavors.

The ceremony ended with another song, "The Future's Calling Us" by Teresa Jennings, from our Grade 5 students, and afterwards our Grade 5 community celebrated with food, pictures, and celebration! Congratulations Grade 5 students!

Our Elementary School provides a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to experience new things while building the foundational skills necessary for academic success. Click here to learn more about AISG Elementary School.

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