Grade 8 Promotion

Yesterday, the Grade 8 Promotion took place with Lower Secondary students and faculty joining them in the theater to celebrate. The event was livestreamed so parents, relatives, friends, and anyone near or far could watch this great event.

Everyone stood and clapped for our eighth graders as they walked into the theater to take their seats. To start things off, our Deputy Director of Academics, Mr. Robb, took to the stage to give a speech about how exciting it is for the students to be moving to Upper Secondary in a few months and how important it is for students to take risks and challenge themselves.

Then, the Grade 8 choir performed a beautiful rendition of the song ‘Will You Teach Me’, a song about having courage, humility, and to persevere through the hard times. Our students have done just that over the past year, dealing with the many changes that come from living through a pandemic.

Next was the speech from a teacher that was chosen by the students, Ms Zlaket. She gave words of wisdom for our Grade 8 students to take with them to Grade 9. She stressed how proud we are of our students for getting through the past year with so many challenges facing them and how resilient our students have become.

This was followed by two students who took the stage to talk about their time at AISG so far, reflecting on how much they’ve grown and what it is like to be part of the RamNation. They reminisced about their time so far and expressed their excitement for their journey ahead.

Then it was time to present each student of the promoting class. Every student was called individually to the stage, all 76 of them, including the three online students, and received a diploma from our Vice Principal, Ms. Siemens, and our Principal, Dr. Lyso.

As the last hoorah, all Grade 8 students gathered on stage with confetti canons in their hands. On cue, everyone shot them in the air and glimmering pieces of colorful paper filled the air as the audience clapped and cheers. Congratulations Grade 8, see you in Upper Secondary next year!

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