Grade 8 Promotion

We celebrated Grade 8 students completing their studies in Lower Secondary with the Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony. Caregivers, faculty, administration, and Lower Secondary students attended the ceremony to celebrate such a big achievement.

Throughout their Lower Secondary years, they have experienced a program that is designed to create dynamic, compassionate, and connected learners with a specifically tailored curriculum tailored to meet the academic, artistic, physical, creative, and emotional development needs of students. They are prepped and ready for Upper Secondary.

With the implementation of the IB MYP next year and AISG becoming an IB Continuum School, these students will continue to grow with more interdisciplinary experiences and have a great pathway to continue with the IB DP Programme.

The ceremony featured two faculty speakers, our Dean of Students Mr. Peter Burnside, and Science teacher Mr. Habib Ulhaq. Both talked of great memories of the year and gave our students advice to take with them as they enter Upper Secondary next year.

The Grade 8 Choir and Percussionists gave a beautiful performance during the ceremony, singing Be the Change, by Laura Farrella.

Two of our Grade 8 students were also chosen to speak at the ceremony, and we applaud their bravery! They spoke about their time at AISG in Lower Secondary and the things they learned and how much they've grown over the years.

A special student-made slideshow was shown at the ceremony, which filled the room with laughter and smiles as happy memories played on the screen.

Lastly, our students were presented with their certificates by our Secondary Principal Dr. Amos Lyso and Assistant Principal Ms. Ruth Herrin. When everyone received their certificates, students fired their confetti canons in the air as everyone applauded and cheered them on. Congratulations Class of 2027!

After the ceremony, our Secondary counselors hosted a session for caregivers about what to expect in Upper Secondary in the fall. Our counselors are a vital part of our school and help both our students and caregivers during these pivotal times of transition and change.

AISG Lower Secondary (Grades 6-8) is a place for discovery and growth, where students are encouraged to take risks, try new things, and learn what their passions are in life. Click here to learn more about AISG Lower Secondary School.

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