Haizhu: Our Compassionate Community in Action

What does a compassionate community look like? Feel like? Here we share an amazing, heart-felt story of our Ram community pulling together to make the impossible happen and truly showing just how much we care about one another.  

Due to the current pandemic situation here in Guangzhou, many members of our faculty and staff have been under various states of lockdown and the most impacted have been the ones located in Haizhu district. To help them out, our Senior Leadership Team made the decision to organize a way to get food and other supplies to them during this difficult time.

Guangzhou Haizhu delivery handoff transportation for ood

Our operations team went above and beyond, completing this incredible feat and in only 48 hours! Once they received special permission to enter a zone that didn’t allow taxis or regular car traffic, the team when into fast action, reaching out to our faculty and staff to see what they needed and organizing all the logistics that were needed to deliver it to them. It was teamwork at its finest with our Science Park campus converted into a sorting and loading zone as our operations team, uniformed staff and bus drivers worked together to make this happen.

This was more than just the task of delivering food and supplies, explained by our Director of Finance and Operations, Mr. Max Zhu, “This was an operation to show how much we care about one another, which is indicative of our compassionate and inclusive community that looks out for the well-being of others. We actually started to plan this project when Haizhu district announced their lockdown in the middle of the night on November 4th but at that time we couldn’t find any possibilities. But we didn’t give up and we kept looking for solutions! Once we discovered a plan, there was no stopping us from getting this done and we have many to thank for their valuable help - our faculty and staff members, our Human Resources and School Services departments, and our partners Aden, Sodexho and GZL. We are so grateful and proud to be working for a school that brings their compassion to action.”

The recipients of the care packages are also very grateful and see its deeper meaning. Here are what a few of our faculty and staff members had to say:

As our new mission states, “AISG is a compassionate community” and has guided us to the successful delivery of supplies to our community in Haizhu. Now, when someone says that the AISG community is different, we hope that this inspirational story comes to mind and explains the reason why.

AISG Mission: AISG is a compassionate community providing inclusive pathways to empower all learners to make a positive impact. Click here to learn more about AISG community.

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