Honoring AISG's Exemplary PYP Learners

Congratulations Grade 5 students, you’re moving up! Teachers, caregivers, staff, Grade 4 students, and siblings attended the ceremony that celebrated their completion of Elementary School and welcomed them to their next phase of learning, Lower Secondary.

Kicking off the ceremony, Elementary Principal Mrs. Virginia Udall delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting the growth and passion our Grade 5 students have demonstrated.

The celebratory spirit was evident when the audience applauded and cheered when the entire grade performed the inspirational song "Standing Tall" by Cristi Cary Miller. This performance is a testament to the lasting impact that these young learners have made.

To present our students with their certificate, our Grade 5 teachers shared heartwarming memories and the immense pride they felt watching their students learn and grow over the last year. Students beamed as they accepted their certificates, posing for cherished photographs with their teacher and Principal - a moment of pure accomplishment.

Two exceptional students were awarded the prestigious Tim Lee Award, honoring their embodiment of the IB PYP learner profile and their unwavering commitment to going above and beyond. Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, four students expressed their gratitude to the teachers, educational assistants, caregivers, and school leaders who guided them on their path.

Our Secondary Assistant Principal, Ms. Ruth Herrin, also spoke at the ceremony, welcoming our students to Lower Secondary. Lower Secondary offers the International Baccalaureate® Middle Years Programme (MYP), of which AISG is a Candidate School. Through this framework, the program is designed to provide students with a challenging academic curriculum that fosters exploration, critical thinking, and innovative learning. After completing their studies in the IB PYP in Grade 5, our students are well equipped to continue their path of personal and academic success.

Completing Elementary School is a profound achievement, and the Moving Up ceremony was a fitting tribute to our students' success. As they embark on the next phase of their academic adventures, the AISG community stands ready to support them in reaching new summits of experiences.

Our Elementary School provides a dynamic learning environment where students are encouraged to experience new things while building the foundational skills necessary for academic success. Click here to learn more about the AISG Elementary School.

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