How AISG Supports a Connected Community

AISG is always trying to come up with engaging ways to make sure that no matter where we are in the world, we’re maintaining a connected community.

Being part of a connected community is an important element of overcoming the challenges we’re all currently experiencing. Our teachers and students are working incredibly hard, putting in many hours to support AISG’s online learning program, and the support of the community keeps us motivated! We’d love to share with you some of the initiatives we’ve implemented to foster a connected community beyond the regular online learning program; maybe you’ll find some great ideas for your community, too!

AISG’s faculty is rising to the challenge of this online learning period with resilience, imagination and problem-solving skills. But sometimes, they just need to unwind and connect with each other on a personal level. From Hangzhou to Minnesota to Brisbane, teachers have been connecting online in organized BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) sessions. These group video calls offer a great opportunity to support social and emotional wellness and strengthen the human connection between our faculty members.

image of a multi person parent video conference

Innovation Coach, Diana Beabout, believes that connecting through video in a relaxed setting has been really meaningful for everyone involved.

When it comes to our students, we offer a wealth of online connected community initiatives to help everyone stay in touch with their friends and teachers who they miss so much. Ensuring that everyone stays physically active, together, is a big part of this.

For example, students recently designed a home workout that P.E teacher, Jess Williams, then filmed and shared with the community. You can check out Ms. William’s student-designed workout recap, here. Keep an eye out for Lucy, the dog, the best workout buddy you can ask for during self-isolation!

Keeping with the theme of physical activity and teamwork, we are now in Week 5 of the AISG Steps Challenge. The Science Park Physical Education department created this campus-wide challenge for students from Grades 6 to 12and we love the results we’re seeing. This virtual team activity promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and sees students, faculty and staff submitting the steps they’re taking on a weekly basis.

image of the results of the 4 week step challenge

Every week those with the highest recorded steps in their category receive a community shout out: Walker of the Week, Team of the Week, Team Walker of the Week and Inside Stepper of the Week.Congratulations to Sofia V. for beating the faculty and staff team and taking out the top spot this week. It is great to see a student showing the teachers how it is done!

The mental health of our students is vitally important to us; our teachers often engage students in conversations to help become more attuned to their social and emotional needs and learn about ways to support one another in the classroom. Grade 1 teacher, Jessica Phillips, recently made a mindfulness video for students to help them develop some mindfulness strategies to cope with the chaos of the crisis. You can take a look at Ms. Phillips’ mindfulness video for her Grade 1 students here!

Meanwhile, to help students feel connected during Spring Break, Elementary School Principal, Ms. Tatz, asked students to participate in a common activity away that was away from the screen and that focused on family-time. Students were asked to build the largest Lego structure they could or take a photo of something that their family does together on a weekend. Take a look at some of the great pictures Ms. Tatz received from students over Spring Break.

image of a family building lego structures
image of a lego structures

As we finish up Week 9 of Online Learning, one of the most important things to remember during this time of displacement is to feel that you are a part of a broader, connected community. Our initiatives are just one of the many ways you can get involved and interact with the community.

If you have any ideas for online community and collaboration that you want to try, we’d love to hear them! Don’t forget, you can also keep up to date with all of ourcurrent activities by following our WeChat account or any of our other social media platforms such as Twitter (@aisgz), Facebook (American International School of Guangzhou) and our Instagram (aisgzram).

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