International Day

On Saturday, April 24th, AISG held its annual International Day celebration at our Ersha Campus. Every year, the PTA organizes its biggest event of the year celebrating our community’s diversity and multiculturalism. Part of being an international school is being able to come together as a community and share what makes us unique. Because we couldn’t hold our event last year due to COVID-19, this year’s celebration felt extra joyous and special. We were thrilled to see our families on campus and see how everyone followed the safety protocols to make sure we continue to keep our learning environment safe and COVID-free.

This year, the Garden Hotel provided an international cuisine while parents helped with booths from their respective countries. At the booths, there were cultural activities and games such as calligraphy at the Chinese booth, hockey at the Canadian booth, cornhole at the American booth, henna from the Indian booth, and hanbok card making at the Korean booth.

group of people standing in a booth
child doing calligraphy
women standing in a booth smiling
man talking to a child
women standing in a booth
people standing in a booth

Outside, community service booths had games and activities such as face painting, a ring toss, water balloon throwing, and limbo. It also included everyone’s favorite, the infamous dunk tank where teachers were dunked by anyone who could throw the ball at the target.

young girl bending down doing limbo while older girl watches
crowd of people watching a girl throw a ring toss at a cone
girl throwing a water balloon exploding everywhere at a boy
man falling into dunk tank as crowds of children watch
teenage boy painting the face of a child

On stage, students performed various acts. There were cultural performances from the Chinese, Indian and Korean community, our AISG Elementary School choir, band and orchestra played tunes from around the world and there were several entertaining acts from our students and faculty.

three girls in colorful costumes dancing on stage
children dressed up in traditional korean outfits singing as older children play instruments onstage
children on stage performing
girls in costumes with lutes on stage
men on stage with instruments performing in a band

Our International Day was successful in creating a deeper sense of community and involvement for all AISG students and families. A special thank you to the PTA for helping organize this event, to parents for helping with country booths, and to our sponsors. 





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