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AISG students create their own MUN conference

Given the pandemic, Model United Nations (MUN) conferences have either been cancelled or have moved online. This was the nudge which encouraged our very own AISG students to create their own two-day MUN conference. Our MUN officers had a vision, and over four months they pulled together RAMSMUN hosting 30 of our own students.

7 students is hosting the conference on stage

MUN is a co-curricular activity providing students with an opportunity to represent their given countries, create resolutions, and debate global issues in favor of their countries’ stance. This club enables students to develop skills that are vital in and out of school. This year’s conference theme was ‘Sustainable Development Amidst Turmoil’ to reflect the hardships we continue to go through.

Group photo of 2 teachers and 6 students

The RAMSMUN experience is best reflected in what our officers have to say. One says, ‘This is the first conference where I became a chair, and it is the first time I experienced the responsibility that a chair needs to take.’

Two national flags

Another officer states, ‘This conference has really made me hopeful for future conferences, and I hope the quality of debate and fun atmosphere of RAMSMUN is something that will be carried on into the future.’  

A girl giving her online specech
The audience angle during the conferences.

Finally, a graduating senior officer tells us, ‘Having been involved for five years and attending eight conferences, I can say MUN really allows one to become confident in communicating with a variety of different people and working collaboratively. I also believe that it allows students to truly understand the world we are living in as we discuss many pressing issues in society.’

A girl is working on task.

We are proud of the hard work our MUN officers have put in to creating a successful conference, whether they were on the ground or working remotely overseas. We hope this sets the stage for the possibility of hosting future MUN conferences for international schools in Guangzhou and the Greater Bay Area.

A boy is giving his speech in front of others

As one officer states, ‘When we invite other schools to discuss issues of global significance, the conference will connect delegates from around the world’.

Kudos to all the hardworking students in making this happen!

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