PYP Exhibition

Last week, our Grade 5 students showcased their hard work during the annual PYP Exhibition. The exhibition is the culminating project for students in the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and is a big community event. Students must research and share their understanding of a real-life topic or issue of personal importance to them and present their findings.

The exhibition is a great way for students to expand on their skill of research and self-reflection while enhancing their skills of presentation and assessment. It also helps students learn about agency and autonomy with students picking their own topics and how to present them to get their point across. Their research also allows them to listen to other perspectives and broaden their view of the world. All twelve PYP Learner Profiles, such as risk-taker, principled, etc. are showcased throughout the exhibition, making it the all-encompassing final assessment of their time in Elementary School.

This year, our theme for the exhibition was ‘Small Actions Matter’ and students chose all sorts of different subjects that they thought fit well with the theme. Topics ranged from COVID-19, climate change, and clean water, to mental health, gender equality, cyberbullying, and worker’s rights. It was inspiring to see our young students take these global issues so seriously and use their critical thinking to think of what small actions can be done to help these massive problems.

Students chose all sorts of creative ways to present their work to the AISG community. Students made posters, created games, crafted models, hosted demonstrations, held safe spaces, and more. It was fun to see what they came up with and how it helped to bring their point across to the audience.

One requirement of the exhibition is that students have mentors that aid them in the subject they chose. Our students asked teachers and principals for help in guiding them to good sources, set goals, and meet with them periodically to see how they are doing. Another is that they connect their topic to one of the 17 United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These include goals like clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, gender equality, climate action, and sustainable cities and communities.

A big round of applause for our Grade 5 students for all their hard work! It was amazing to see our students interact and enthusiastically share what they’ve learned with the AISG community.

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