#SPBound Story Series – The Leader of Upper Elementary

What is #SPBound?

Our Grade 4 and 5 Upper Elementary students are moving to the Science Park campus in 2024-2025, and we've named this exciting journey #SPBound. To give you a sneak peek into the amazing opportunities that await our students, we've created the #SPBound Story Series. So, enjoy the first story in our series and stay tuned for more!

We are pleased to announce that our new leader of Upper Elementary will be Ms. Tania Mansfield. Many upcoming Grade 4 and 5 caregivers had the chance to meet her at our #SPBound caregiver coffee in November, but in case you missed it, here’s a quick summary to catch up!

The Position

Ms. Tania will be the Upper Elementary Assistant Principal and PYP Coordinator, reporting to Mrs. Udall, the Elementary School Principal. Ms. Tania will engage the Upper Elementary faculty in a collaborative focus on student learning, and bring the AISG mission, vision, and social vision statements to life in the Upper Elementary School.

Highly Qualified

Ms. Tania is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning and PYP Coordinator for the entire Elementary School and has been since 2022. Previously, she worked in international schools in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and more, with almost 20 years of experience in education, many of which have been in Elementary Leadership and PYP Coordinator positions.

AISG Know-How

As a current member of the AISG community, she is very familiar with the AISG environment, our mission, vision, and social vision, and regularly works with our teachers, caregivers, leadership team, and students. Ms. Tania will expertly lead the transition to be #SPBound and is well-suited to bring a sense of continuity, stability, and pedagogical strength to AISG.

Leader of Continuous Improvement

Since arriving at AISG, she also leads our weekly professional development for teachers. Over the past 14 months, she has led our community through a successful IB Evaluation process and been part of School Improvement Action groups, as well as supporting or leading divisional goals within our AISG Elementary School.

Her Philosophy

Ms. Tania is a passionate educator who is dedicated to the success of our students. She states, “I believe that all students can achieve their full potential, and I work tirelessly to ensure that they receive the support and guidance they need to succeed. I am committed to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth and supports learners in their social, emotional, and behavioral needs.” 

We are thrilled to have Ms. Tania as our new leader for Upper Elementary and are confident that her experience, familiarity, expertise, and passion for education will help us achieve a smooth transition of #SPBound.


We can't wait for our Upper Elementary students to arrive!

We hope you enjoyed this episode of #SPBound Story Series, which offers a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities that await our Upper Elementary students as they relocate to the Science Park campus.

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