Speaker Series: Huang Feng Rong

Last week, postmodern collage and performance artist Huang Feng Rong visited both campuses to perform and work with our students. Our students had a great time watching his charismatic performances and were very excited to work alongside him in class on special art projects. We are so excited to relaunch our Speaker Series at AISG and we started off with a bang!

On Tuesday, Huang visited both Ersha and Science Park campuses to showcase his performance art. On stage, he danced to lively music, using both his hands and feet to paint along with the beat. Students were intensely watching as they tried to figure out what he could be painting and cheered when he revealed that he had been painting upside down the whole time! Students were invited onstage to try his technique of painting with their feet and had a lot of fun getting messy.

man performing onstage throwing glitter on a canvas
artist performing onstage painting
students onstage with artist doing painting by stepping on boards
students onstage with artist doing painting by stepping on boards
artist showing off portraits of two people
artist showing off glitter portrait with man

On Wednesday, Huang worked with Secondary students both on a special project as well as in classes. Some students worked together in our plaza to paint on big cardboard blocks, each painting a segment of a bigger piece of work. The boxes were painted on both sides - one side a colorful floral piece with AISG written in the middle, and the other side a recreation of a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte.

students drawing on cardboard boxes in a row
students mixing paint
students starting to paint on cardboard boxes
row of students painting while kneeling
student painting on stack of cardboard boxes while two men watch
students posing with painted cardboard boxes
students posing with painted cardboard boxes

Students also collaborated on a group painting as Huang taught them how to perform for the camera, to present themselves before they splattered paint on the canvas and to bow afterwards. Both pieces are on display on the first floor of our Science Park building.

girl painting abstract colors on canvas
girl laughing after finger painting on canvas
artist smearing paint on colorful canvas
students pose with finished abstract canvas

In the afternoon, Huang worked with students in art classes. In the Lower Secondary art class, students worked on painting small glass panes that stack together to create 3D pieces of art with foreground and background.

students sitting listening to artist talk in classroom
artist explaining 3d paint technique with model
students clapping
student painting on clear panel
student looking at painting through clear panels
students painting on clear panels
artist helping student with his work
students and artist posing with their work

In the IB1 art class he worked with students on creating collage pieces, encouraging students to work in a fast and spontaneous method.

students in art class
artist cutting paper
student cutting paper
student pasting paper on canvas
artist explaining something to student
laughing as artist works on portrait
students artist and teacher pose for group photo with collage supplies

On Thursday, Huang took on the big project of beautifying our Ersha campus. On the first floor, he worked with students during their art classes to paint aspects of Guangzhou life on each of the ten pillars. Instead of plain white pillars, we now have colorful ones depicting things like dim sum, the Canton tower, the Five Rams Sculpture, the Guangzhou skyline, and a dragon boat. Students were excited to work alongside the artist and put their mark on our campus.

students paint on pillar with artist
artist paints on pillar as students watch
students painting temple scene on a pillar
young girl paints pillar
student and artist paint on pillar together
students laugh as they paint on pillar
students raise their hands to paint next

We are thrilled to have our Speaker Series back and off to a great start! Thank you to Huang Feng Rong for working with our students to create various mixed media art pieces and for gifting us with wonderful art and performances.

student looking at gallery of work
students look at painting
paintings displayed in a glass room
students looking at collage art


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