Spring ASAG Bi-Annual General Meeting

Yesterday, our ASAG Bi-Annual General Meeting took place at the Ritz-Carlton. ASAG stands for the American School Association of Guangzhou and exists due to our non-profit status where the association governs our school and its members are the parents. The association is led by a seven-member Board of Governors and are the ones who hosted yesterday’s event. Its Board Chair, with the support of our Director Kevin Baker and our senior leadership team, presented to over 350 parents in attendance.

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AISG is the oldest non-profit school in Southern China and we are proud of our legacy of serving our community. It is also what makes us unique in today’s competitive market of international schools. The difference of a non-profit means that our parents are our stakeholders and are involved in governing and making strategic decisions. In addition, all profits are reinvested back into the school, which ultimately benefits the students and the school’s long-term development. This includes investments in recruiting world-class talent, professional development, school renovations, and emergency funds.

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The reason for hosting ASAG Meetings twice a year is to be transparent with our community about how funds are allocated as well as announcing strategic plans for the future of our school. During the Spring ASAG Meeting many exciting updates were shared.

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woman and man talking

First were the results of the board elections. Of the seven-member board three are elected and four are appointed. Together, they lead the school strategically. The board’s approach to leadership and governance is one that fosters a partnership between the Board and school administrators. Adopting this approach ensures our goals are closely aligned so that, together, we are equipping the students of AISG with all the opportunities needed to reach their fullest potential.

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Then, the much-anticipated strategic vision framework was revealed. Mr. Baker co-presented with a Grade 11 student and together they explained the journey of its development along with the explanation of the school’s strategic priorities. Including the voice of the student in such an important meeting was powerful in that it showcased to parents how a student’s perspective and voice was an integral part of the process and continues to be the focus of the school. More details about the strategic vision framework will be announced shortly.

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Next, Mr. Baker provided numerous updates and accomplishments of the school. For instance, our continuation and success of our Master Facilities Plan, the impressive results of our Grade 12 college acceptances from around the world will still many more to come, the relaunch of our Speaker Series due to our successful fundraising and participation in our Annual Fund campaigns, and the unveiling of our 40th anniversary logo as we start planning for all the celebrations for next year. However, most importantly, Mr. Baker celebrated our connected community and expressed his gratitude for everyone’s commitment to their child’s education, the dedication of all the parent volunteers and the parents' trust in the school as we navigated a year with many transitions and adaptations. We are definitely ending the school year stronger and more united.

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Lastly, and probably the most exciting for everyone, was a surprise performance from the artist Huang Feng Rong from our Speaker Series! Our parents got a chance to watch the exciting performance that our students previously enjoyed.

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Our next ASAG Bi-Annual General Meeting will be in October, and we can’t wait to show you more of what’s coming up for AISG as we continue to grow and flourish.

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