Thanksgiving Appreciation Lunch

To celebrate American Thanksgiving and to express gratitude to our faculty and staff, our PTA organized an incredible Appreciation Lunch! Our caregivers were invited to bring in dishes, and as usual, blew us away with the number of dishes and the variety of options and cuisines.

The rooms were beautifully decorated with autumn-themed tables in the spirit of the holiday. There was definitely a huge sense of community, with everyone enjoying the delicious food and each other's company.

A big thank you to our PTA and caregiver community for all the hard work in making our faculty and staff feel appreciated and cared for. This is a meal that everyone looks forward to and is a clear highlight of our compassionate community.

Our Parent Teacher Association works to create a deeper sense of community and involvement for all AISG students and families. Click here to learn more about AISG's PTA.

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