Theory of Knowledge Exhibition

Last week, students in their first year of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class held their exhibition in the AISG Science Park campus theatre lobby. This is a new internal assessment (IA) in the TOK course. TOK is a core class in which all IB Diploma Program students are required to take. It focuses on the central question of “How do we know what we know?”.

sign on screen and dress with table
two students standing at the top of the stairs talking into microphones
student explaining her work to two adults

The course allows students to reflect on the role of knowledge, challenge biases and assumptions, and open their eyes to different perspectives in our diverse world.

sign with question
student explaining to teacher
group of boys talking
student explaining to teacher

In the exhibition, our 47 students show how the real world around them connects with TOK. They do this by selecting three objects that they encounter in their everyday lives and apply them to one of 35 prompts provided by the IB. These prompts may also be linked to the core theme or optional themes covered in the course. Through their chosen objects and written commentaries, students were able to showcase to our community what our students have learnt. Students, teachers, and staff attended the exhibition to not only speak to our TOK students about their displays, but to celebrate their amazing work. Great job Class of 2022!

group of students talking
boys talking
group photo of students


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