United Nations Day at AISG

large group photo of elementary school students

Elementary School students held a parade to celebrate United Nations Day, which is a strong tradition at AISG. Students dressed according to their nationality or a country that they identify with according to their experiences. To add to the colorful event, the halls were decorated with photographs of student families representing different countries.

student holding up the flag of south korea
children celebrating at the UN day festivities
student showing the flag of the USA at the UN day

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and its founding charter. Since 1948, October 24th has been celebrated as United Nations Day to acknowledge the founding of the organization. United Nations Day represents a day to reaffirm its ideals, such as world peace and protection of human rights.

student holding the flag of Brazil
students standing on a stage at UN day with the Australian National flag behind them
students on stage at UN day with the flag of China behind them
students standing on a stage at UN day with the Australian national flag flying behind them

AISG students beautifully exemplify United Nation's focus with their representation of over 50 nationalities. This important event is a powerful and visual reminder of AISG's values to embrace multiculturalism, inclusiveness, and global mindedness.

elementary students gathered together to celebrate UN day
students holding the flag of Indonesia at UN day

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