Welcome Back Faculty!

We welcomed our returning faculty back onto campus this week to prepare for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. Everyone was excited to see each other after the summer holiday, as well as meet our new faculty members who have already been on campus since last week.

AISG welcome back faculty group photo

Teachers have been attending meetings, professional development sessions, preparing their classrooms and materials, and getting excited to welcome students back onto campus next week!

AISG welcome back faculty jamie presenting
AISG welcome back faculty teachers mingling foyer

Enrollment is at a record high this year with over 1090 students currently enrolled. We can’t wait for them to arrive on campus next week and start their transformative learning journeys!

AISG welcome back faculty teachers mingling
AISG welcome back faculty teachers ramshack

This year we are focusing on the theme of RamStrong, where we will focus on leveraging our strengths as a community. All our faculty, staff, and administration will complete strength training coaching over the year and empower and encourage each other to use our talents to the benefit of our students and community. It will be all about reflection, affirmation, and celebration and we aim to spark and ignite the same passion in our students!

AISG welcome back faculty eric laughing
AISG welcome back faculty alexis presenting

AISG teachers are passionate and bring their forward-thinking pedagogy along with an empathetic approach to enrich each child’s learning. 

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