Alumni Spotlight

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Blockchainer - Fruzan Nijrabi


Class of 2013

While many people still don't understand what blockchain is, Fruzan has finished her Master’s thesis on Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Blockchain from The University of Manchester. Fruzan has recently returned to Guangzhou and has given us some insights on the innovation and tech trend. 

Child Development Researcher - Frances Chang


Class of 2012

After completed a Masters in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard, Frances joined the Early Childhood Innovation Network of Washington DC as a Research Specialist. Frances' interest in psychology began in high school when she first took IB Psychology here at AISG. Her experience in community service has also helped to guide her to where she is today. 

Founder & Director of 9212 Data - Nina Schneider


Class of 2009

Nina has recently established 9212 Data LLC, a consultancy focused on impact assessment and sustainability reporting. Prior to starting her own company, Nina is an experienced data analyst already having served in the United Nations for 3 years. She enjoys multivariate statistical analysis and envisions an ideal world with smart data.  

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