AISG College Counseling

AISG employs a full-time college counselor to facilitate the application process. The college counselor is there not only for the students, but also for the parents, offering a tailor-made, individualized college plan aimed at connecting students to pathways and college programs they are passionate about pursuing.

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Our College Counselor

AISG’s current college counselor is Dr. Justin Walker, whose high-level profile and extensive expertise ensure AISG’s outreach and reputation in the college circuit.


In this article you will find that our AISG Counselor is...

An Expert At Understanding The Application Process
Families can expect information and support in a variety of ways including:

  • Exploring Different Education Systems Around the World
  • How to Search for Universities and Programs
  • Writing the US Essay
  • Writing the UK Personal Statement
  • Understanding Standardized Testing
  • Exposure to Financial Aid

Dedicated To Improving the Quality of Each Application
The counselor administers the SAT, a major admissions measure, on the AISG campus 4-5 times a year, offered exclusively to AISG students. In addition to writing letters of recommendation and school reports for all students, the counselor facilitates the process between student and teachers, providing guidance on what constitutes a quality letter and coordinating the collection and submission of these letters.

AISG College Counselor Prepping Juniors and Seniors

Providing Specialized Senior Attention
The final year of high school kicks off with a full-day Senior Retreat dedicated strictly for admissions work. On any given day you’ll find the counselor meeting with students to talk about their essay, arranging testing, completing their application, finding internships, searching schools, selecting majors, looking at housing, and preparing for visa applications.

Guiding Students Throughout the Entire Journey
Not all of the work is done with upper classmen, however. The counselor can be found writing newsletters, arranging university visits and talks, and tracking data. Helping inform younger students about the power of selecting appropriate extracurricular activities is crucial to future success so that students have a history of involvement and leadership come application time.

AISG College Counselor sitting with Juniors and Seniors

Setting Up Students For Success
Due to the fact that many universities in the world will admit students based on secondary coursework, the college counselor works with the other counselors to help 10th grade students select courses when going into the IB diploma program. Transition programs for seniors and parents of seniors are conducted in the spring.

A Key Contact for 150+ Colleges Worldwide
Data drives decisions, and we keep detailed records of where students apply and their results. These data help establish trends and in turn help us advise students on their chances as well as where we, as a school, have strong relationships with universities around the world. The focus on relationship building with colleges is an essential role of our college counselor, who has over 150, and growing, colleges already familiar and who trust our school’s program. This is extremely valuable when conversations take place between our college counselor and the college when discussing our students’ applications.

In summary, providing this invaluable and personalized service to its students and parents, AISG College Counseling is one of the many reasons why AISG is The Premier International School in Guangzhou. To learn more, check out our College Counseling website.

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With the challenge of COVID-19, the Varsity Blues scandal and the increasing competitiveness in early admissions, the face of college admissions has changed significantly in the last decade. Look for our next article to learn how admissions has been impacted and what AISG is doing to adjust to this new normal.

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