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AISG employs a full-time college counselor to facilitate the application process. The college counselor is there not only for the students, but also for the parents, offering a tailor-made, individualized college plan aimed at connecting students to pathways and college programs they are passionate about pursuing.

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Our College Counselor

AISG's current college counselor is Dr. Justin Walker, whose high-level profile and extensive expertise ensure AISG's outreach and reputation in the college circuit.

In this article you will learn how college admissions has changed in the last decade and how the ‘new normal’ has impacted the interaction with Universities.

The face of university admissions has changed significantly in the last decade. For instance, China now has the most international students studying in the US, more than almost all other countries combined. Also, the Varsity Blues scandal indicated just how much decisions can be influenced by wealth. Further, the makeup of the incoming class has also shifted dramatically with more than 50% of the incoming class coming from recruited athletes and students of alumni. Then there is the concept of “yield”, which is the percentage of students who accept a college’s offer of admission, and the reason why early decision accounts for 50% or more of the incoming class. Across the board, college applications are up and admission rates are down. Lastly and the most significant catalyst for change in admissions since perhaps World War II, is the impact from COVID-19. The pandemic has challenged much of what we knew about admissions from test optional practices to first-generation admits, it’s a whole new ballgame!

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To think that admissions are in any way similar to a generation ago, or to even think of it as fair, is a far-fetched dream.  

All of these changes have created a ‘new normal’ for the college admissions process, resulting in AISG to adjust its college counseling practices and advice in order to continue providing an invaluable and personalized service to our AISG community. The most notable impact is how we manage our relationships with universities around the world. 

New Normal: How Universities Interact with AISG 

The most obvious impact from the pandemic has been the way universities liaise with students and vice versa. Not so long ago, AISG and other schools relied on university representatives to visit AISG, hand out info, and talk with students and counselors. So, how do colleges drum up interest, and how do students get exposed to options out there, during a pandemic?

Thankfully, universities have become more accessible. It would be rare now not to find a school that did not have some sort of tour, information session, or workshop advertised online. This allows universities to put out information to a broad audience, and can be done once, rather than relying on limiting group size due to manpower or distance. Despite the increase in accessibility, one thing hasn’t changed. Students have to make themselves known. Unless the student joins these sessions, the information lives in the void of the web. 

But what about that human touch? University representatives used to shake hands and have conversations with students; that has changed. Here is what students can do to stand out. First, many schools track demonstrated interest. They record if you sign up for a session or a newsletter and even track how often you go to their website and what pages you view. That email that you received from them? They can tell if you opened it. 

Knowing this, it is in your best interest to do all of the above. There are still Q&A sessions with university representatives and always the opportunity to email or call your regional representative. When a university representative reads your application, it helps if they have had some interaction with you or your school. This is why our AISG College Counselor is pivotal in the application process because he is frequently contacting universities and attending conferences and fairs (although lately these, too, are virtual). Having familiarity with the school helps a university have faith in the applications they receive. 

AISG College Counselor meeting with a male student

In summary, a new approach is needed when applying to universities. The world of admissions is not only changing, but more places are becoming attractive destinations that were previously never considered by most students. We must change our minds and approaches if we hope to keep up and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that await this generation of graduates. 

At AISG, this valuable counseling insight is one of the many reasons why AISG is The Premier International School in Guangzhou. To learn more, check out our College Counseling website.

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