#SPBound Story Series – Brand New Athletic Center

What is #SPBound?

Our Grade 4 and 5 Upper Elementary students are moving to the Science Park campus in 2024-2025, and we've named this exciting journey #SPBound. To give you a sneak peek into the amazing opportunities that await our students, we've created the #SPBound Story Series. So, enjoy the first story in our series and stay tuned for more!

Upper Elementary students are full of energy and love to play, and the Athletic Center provides the perfect space for them to run, jump, and have fun. Here are some of the features that Upper Elementary students can enjoy at the state-of-the-art Athletic Center.

Dedicated Gym

One of the most exciting features is their own dedicated gym space, which has a full-size court with its own set of bleachers, sound system, and digital scoreboard. PE class will have the same amazing equipment but now in a space of their very own.


Yes, the pool will be accessible to Upper Elementary students! A swim unit for PE is already in development and is a great opportunity for students to learn swimming techniques and enjoy water sports. With changing rooms that exit straight to the pool, students can easily transition to and from swim class and make the most of their time in the pool.

Grass Field

Run, run, and run some more because our 6,510m2 natural grass field has plenty of space for Upper Elementary students to stretch their legs. They will love how natural it feels to run on grass and enjoy the cooler grass temperatures during hot weather.

Rooftop Play Area

The Elementary building will have its own rooftop space with fun and engaging play equipment, but if students need more space to run, then the Athletic Center rooftop is the place to go! The rooftop is huge and the perfect spot for a soccer match or basketball game while enjoying the fresh air.

Climbing Wall

The Athletic Center has not one, but two climbing walls. As one of their PE units, students will be scaling to new heights and challenging themselves in a fun and exciting way. It's an opportunity for kids to learn new skills and push themselves to their limits in a safe and structured environment.

After-School Activities

The program remains unchanged in its commitment to providing a wide range of options for students with diverse interests. These state-of-the-art spaces offer an ideal environment for students to explore and develop their passions.

In conclusion, the Athletic Center is the ultimate physical learning environment for Upper Elementary students. It's a place where they can run, jump, swim, and climb to their heart's content.

We can't wait for our Upper Elementary students to arrive!

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We hope you enjoyed this episode of #SPBound Story Series, which offers a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities that await our Upper Elementary students as they relocate to the Science Park campus.

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