The end of August saw students in Grades 3 through 10 at AISG taking a multi-day responsive test called the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress). The MAP test is one of our annual general assessments that is communicated to parents and students and is added to the student cumulative file. It does not contribute to any subject grades for our students but is used formatively – for teachers to better understand each child as a learner. At AISG, teachers dive into the data provided by these MAP tests (Reading, Language Usage and Mathematics) to help find areas for continued improvement and to celebrate and extend areas of relative strength. But what is the MAP test and what does it actually measure?

The MAP test measures learning levels and is directly aligned to our Language Arts and Mathematics curricula throughout the divisions. The test itself is unique to each child; depending on how they answer a question, the next question delivered is either more or less difficult. With 45 to 55 questions on each test, a RIT number (Rasch unIT) is earned by each student for that particular test. The RIT number is a scaled score and is easily turned into a percentile score when compared with the United States normative group. One of the wonderful things about the MAP test RIT score is we can easily compare the performance of AISG students with other international schools in the world and in the East Asian Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS – our most closely aligned comparison group).In a few short weeks, results will be compiled for each student and sent home to parents along with an accompanying cover letter to help you make sense of the reports.

Although the MAP test results are in English, we will also send home Korean and Chinese letters which will help you make sense of the information. Further, to help parents and guardians make sense of our MAP test, we will also be holding a Parent Coffee on Wednesday, October 16th at Ersha Campus at 9:30 am in the MPR. This coffee morning is open to all parents and guardians who have children in Grades 3 through 10. 

​We hope to see everyone there!In the meantime, if you have any questions about the MAP test or other assessments we give here at AISG, please don't hesitate to contact your child's principal or the Directors of Curriculum and Learning – Ruth Herrin and Lydia Van Berkhout.

​Have a great day and go Rams!

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