#SPBound Story Series – Building Connections

What is #SPBound?

Our Grade 4 and 5 Upper Elementary students are moving to the Science Park campus in 2024-2025, and we've named this exciting journey #SPBound. To give you a sneak peek into the amazing opportunities that await our students, we've created the #SPBound Story Series. So, enjoy the fourth story in our series and stay tuned for more!

Moving to the Science Park campus presents an exciting opportunity for Upper Elementary students to form valuable connections. Students can gain new sources of inspiration and expand their vision of what's possible. Keep reading to discover the unique environment that creates connections for students to thrive and reach their full potential.

IB Connections

The move to Science Park will allow Upper Elementary students to easily connect their PYP experience to the MYP and DP and see the larger picture of the IB Continuum. The IB Learning Profile is used throughout all programmes and aims to develop students who are knowledgeable, open-minded, and caring. This alignment in philosophy ensures a consistent approach to teaching and learning, which will benefit students throughout their academic journey.

Nuturing Connections

Upper Elementary students will have the opportunity to attend various IBMYP and IBDP exhibitions, concerts, activities, and more. These experiences offer a glimpse into their academic journey and help them gain a first-hand understanding of the expectations regarding academic rigor, independent inquiry, and community engagement.

Inspiring Connections

The opportunity to build connections with Secondary students from an earlier age is one of the unique benefits of the Science Park campus. These connections can also help to give our younger students inspiration and motivation. Seeing older students engaged in challenging and exciting activities can inspire younger students to set higher standards in working towards their own goals. It can also motivate them to continue their learning journey in the IB programme, knowing that there are exciting opportunities ahead.

Community Connections

Role models are so important for our young students. Besides their teachers, caregivers, and educational assistants, older students can also serve as positive role models for younger students, showing them what is possible and how to approach challenges with a growth mindset. This can be particularly powerful when students from the same school are involved, as it reinforces the sense of community and shared values.

These connections are just a few of the many more connections waiting to be discovered. The possibilities are exciting and vast.

We can't wait for our Upper Elementary students to arrive!

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We hope you enjoyed this episode of #SPBound Story Series, which offers a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities that await our Upper Elementary students as they relocate to the Science Park campus.

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